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Logistic & Warehouse Trends 2022

The industry conference gathered several hundred people in Lodz. The flow of goods and information inside the warehouse is currently one of the most important elements of a flexible supply chain.

Valuable case studies and industry trends were presented at the Logistic & Warehouse Trends 2022 conference. The distinguishing features of the event were:

  • Strong representation of practitioners who will share their know-how, incl. experts from Amazon, Rossmann and Zalando.
  • Case studies from the best logistics service providers, such as Panattoni, Raben Group, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, Spedimex.
  • Substantive and media support from the organizers of the Logistics Manager conference and LODZistics Logistic Business Network of Central Poland

The main point of the conference was the debate about what in logistics until recently was an innovation and today is becoming a standard. It was attended by:

Moderation: Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz, Społeczna Akademia Nauk

The discussion brought some interesting conclusions:

  • The main barrier to the implementation of AGVs is not the costs, but the lack of knowledge about safety and efficiency systems
  • Logisticians do not dream of working in steel "cans" and the quality of their work increases significantly thanks to the appropriate arrangement of the office
  • Digital simulations allow you to build warehouses that will not stop working even during the next wave of covid-19

The fact that these topics are important to the logistics industry is best evidenced by the number of listeners who filled the interior of the conference room of the Andel's hotel in Łódź. The next event in this series will probably take place in September 2023 also in Łódź.