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Innovative AGV forklifts: Put them to the test!

AGV in your warehouse: Discover the benefits for your Company!

Automation and robotics are important trends in increasing the efficiency of internal transport. However, their implementation often comes with concerns about financing and safety. Since the costs of AGV forklifts start at several tens of thousands of euros, it's crucial to ensure they bring real benefits. For this purpose, Inovatica AGV offers the opportunity to test the new technology under very favorable conditions. Only until the end of September, the pre-deployment testing service is available at a reduced price, and that's just one of many benefits.

  • We verify the readiness of processes for implementing automation in internal transport.
  • Warehouse tests are preceded by a computer simulation of the implementation's profitability.
  • After AGV forklift tests in your facility, you receive a readiness summary for automation based on real data from your warehouse.
  • If you decide to purchase the new technology, the cost of the tests will be deducted from the price of autonomous forklifts.
  • Upon the customer's request, we check the possibilities of obtaining EU funding and assist in preparing the application.

Forklift AGV technology

Testing Autonomous Forklifts


  1. Increasing operational efficiency: Autonomous forklifts are designed to work faster and more efficiently than traditional models. Pre-deployment testing will allow you to accurately assess how these forklifts can speed up and streamline processes in your warehouse.
  2. Precision and safety: Autonomous forklifts are equipped with advanced navigation and safety systems, eliminating the risk of collisions and property damage. Pre-deployment tests will verify how these systems perform in your specific environment.
  3. Customization to your needs: Every warehouse has unique requirements. Pre-deployment testing will enable you to tailor autonomous forklifts to your company's specific needs. You can optimize routes, work hours, and many other parameters.
  4. Long-term savings: While the initial cost of autonomous forklifts may be higher than traditional ones, this investment typically yields significant savings in the long run. The efficiency and precision of autonomous forklifts mean less time wasted and fewer property damages.
  5. Competitive advantage: Implementing autonomous forklifts can give your company a competitive edge. Being a leader in adopting the latest technologies can attract customers and partners.
  6. Technical support: Pre-deployment tests are often accompanied by support in obtaining EU funding for automation and technical training, helping your company fully utilize the potential of autonomous forklifts.
  7. Industry successes: It's worth noting that many companies in various industries have achieved significant benefits after implementing autonomous forklifts. This can be an inspiration for your company.
  8. Working environment: Autonomous forklifts can improve working conditions in the warehouse by reducing noise and emissions. This is beneficial for both employees and the environment.
  9. Successful Implementation examples: You can present examples of other companies in your industry that have successfully implemented autonomous forklifts and reaped the rewards. Check out sample case studies from Raben Logistics.
  10. Special offer: Until the end of September, we can offer the client a special deal or promotion on the pre-deployment testing service.

Refunding pre-deployment testing costs

It's worth emphasizing that pre-deployment tests are a crucial stage before making a decision on full implementation of autonomous forklifts. They help minimize risks and ensure that this investment will yield the expected benefits. Therefore, if the client decides to purchase and implement autonomous forklift technology, the cost of the tests is deducted from the purchase price of the AGV forklifts.

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