We offer autonomous forklifts. It is an effective tool for the automation of the logistics area for small and large companies. It allows you to safely increase the efficiency of the internal transport process, while guaranteeing the high level of service stability (SLA).

 AGV at warehouse

Check what autonomous forklifts can do

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    Laying pallets on the ground
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    Stacking pallets on racks
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    Delivery and collection of a pallet from a production line (roller conveyor)
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    Internal transport over long distances
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    Loading onto and unloading from the ramp
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    Collection and placing of pallets on machines: conveyors, wrapping machines, palletizers, etc.
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    Simultaneous transport of two pallets

Advantages of Inovatica AGV vehicles


  • AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles
  • LGV - Laser Guided Vehicles
  • SLA - Service Level Agreement

Autonomous and manual operation mode

The vehicle carries out self-programmed tasks, but can be switched to personal operator service at any time.


Laser navigation technology (LGV)

The best solution for internal navigation, which does not require additional investment, e.g. in reflective markers. In addition, it is resistant to natural disturbances such as dirty floor.


Precision of action

Mechanisms of collecting pallets from and placing pallets onto the ground and shelves. Our trolleys precisely perform key tasks, even when the pallets are not perfectly positioned.


Quality at an affordable price

We have combined innovative software with components of proven global suppliers. As a result, our products offer the best value for money.


Agile and efficient process configuration

The first tasks for AGVs can be configurable within an hour. AGV fleet management is convenient, flexible and allows, for example, easy modification of planned communication paths of vehicle movement, as well as the entire process by the operator using a user interface installed on the forklift.


Universality of assembly

Unlike dedicated machines, the Inovatica AGV solution allows the same autonomous kit to be used on different types of forklifts.


Big savings

We planned the system so that the entrepreneur would save in many fields, e.g. by reducing employment costs, no expenses for additional marking of communication paths and pallets, as well as software limiting the time needed to design and define processes to a minimum.

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