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We offer automated guided forklifts. It is an effective tool for the automation of the logistics area for small and large companies. It allows you to safely increase the efficiency of the internal transport process, while guaranteeing the high level of service stability (SLA).

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Cost optimization




Work safety

Discover the benefits of AGVs

More efficiency and security for your warehouse


Autonomous and manual operation mode

The vehicle carries out self-programmed tasks, but can be switched to personal operator service at any time.


Laser navigation technology (LGV)

The best solution for internal navigation, which does not require additional investment, e.g. in reflective markers. In addition, it is resistant to natural disturbances such as dirty floor.


Comprehensiveness of applications

Delivery and collection of pallets from the production line (roller conveyor), loading onto and unloading from the ramp, internal transport over long distances – these are just a few examples from the list of the vehicle possibilities.


Quality at an affordable price

We have combined innovative software from Polish programmers with components of proven global suppliers. As a result, our products offer the best value for money.


Discover the most valuable benefits

Route and mission planning module

Create tasks and arrange them in daily AGV work sequences (missions).

Intuitive graphic interface

Intuitive graphic interface for the operator.

Location and navigation (LGV)

Autonomy of vehicle movement, no need to place additional reflective reflectors in the warehouse.

Compliance with CE declaration

Compliance with the CE declaration and Polish standards of the PE-EN series.

Monitoring of the environment

Monitoring of the environment in 360 degrees by laser scanners and 3D cameras.

High efficiency of the components

Redundant PLC safety controller.

Business Benefits

We support the development of your business

Automation increases competitiveness, it allows you to optimally use your human resources for more complex work, and entrust robots with simpler and repeatable work. Additionally, it provides flexibility in managing warehouse work time.

Precision and strict compliance with safety procedures by AGVs means less accidents, damaged goods and damage to hall equipment.

The implementation of AGVs provides greater flexibility and is significantly cheaper than preparing automatic systems for internal transport. They are also cheaper to maintain, and your fleet is easy to scale depending on your needs.

Autonomous forklifts are adapted to work regardless of the 24/7 system. What is more important, despite the passage of time, they maintain the highest degree of precision and work efficiency.

Robots and people can collaborate effectively, and AGVs are the best example. Surrounding control, speed monitoring and anti-collision systems make this solution significantly increase safety in the workplace.

Inovatica AGV is a team of programmers, engineers and other experts whose goal is to simplify and optimize warehouse and production operations. We care for high quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of cooperation.


Check what we can do for your business

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    Pre-implementation analysis of the possibility of using AGV in the internal transport process. Technical consultancy regarding the selection of AGV types.

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    Implementation of new AGV trucks.

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    Retrofitting of the used forklifts. We install a system of autonomous driving on forklifts owned by the customer, increasing the efficiency of the forklift to the AGV standard.

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    Post-implementation service, service care, granting guarantees.

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