AGV forklifts from Inovatica AGV are an innovative combination of unique software with proven equipment of the best brands. We have prepared a solution that can be implemented in trucks from many manufacturers. This applies to both new trucks and retro-fitting used machines. The priority given to security is confirmed by the certificates and standards held:

  • Compliance with CE declaration
  • 2014/30 / EU EMC Directive
  • 2006/42 / EC Directive 2006/42 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery, amending Directive 95/16 / EC and Polish standards of the PN-EN series consistent with it.

The key elements of the AGV forklift system operation

Location and navigation (LGV)
  • Laser navigation technology.
  • Autonomy of vehicle movement, no need to place additional reflective reflectors in the warehouse.
Advanced trolley control system
  • Possibility of switching to manual control.
  • The truck recognizes and collects pallets on its own, even when they are not perfectly stacked.
Route and mission planning module
  • Ability to specify tasks and their sequences, e.g. collecting pallets from the warehouse and transporting them to a specific place in the production part of the company.
  • The ability to create and save scenarios to be implemented by the device.

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