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We are looking for partners for pioneering research in the field of Autonomous Forklifts!

At Inovatica AGV, we conduct research aimed at developing advanced autonomous forklifts. Our research and development department is involved in projects focusing on:
✅ Advanced navigation and location: We are developing algorithms that will enable carts to move safely in dynamic warehouse environments.
✅ Safety and interaction with the environment: We test collision detection and avoidance systems, integrating them with existing warehouse management solutions.
✅ Energy Systems Optimization: Innovations in energy management and battery performance are key to increasing operational efficiency.
✅ Integration with IoT and smart technologies: We are working on integrating our solutions with the latest IoT and AI technologies to enable remote data management and analysis.

🌟 Join our Team of Innovators!
We are looking for scientific and business partners who share our passion for technology and innovation. If you are interested in collaborating on research projects that shape the future of logistics and industrial automation, contact us!

📩 More information and contact: or please contact me directly.