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We join the LODZistics cluster

Inovatica AGV has joined the industry logistics cluster. Aims? Organization of business and educational events and effective solicitation of EU funds for the development of the industry.

The trade organization represents the interests of business and universities educating staff for logistics. During the year, LODZistics organizes a number of business and networking events. These are i.a. workshops, webinars and conferences. The next event in september 2022: the Logistisc and Warehouse Trends conference.

An important role of the cluster is also promoting good practices and lobbying for solutions that support the development of logistics. Currently, this industry is treated as a priority on the scale of Łódź and the Łódź Province, which means, inter alia, access to EU funds for development, research and development and other projects.

Inovatica AGV was admitted to the LODZistics cluster during the general meeting on June 28, 2022. During the meeting, the current challenges of the logistics industry were also discussed. The most important are the difficulties in acquiring appropriate teaching staff by universities and secondary technical schools, which would guarantee a high level of graduates. Research and development works and their financing methods were also important topics.