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Watch a video of the tests at the Whirlpool factory

The autonomous forklift truck started its tasks in a modern factory in the household appliances industry.

Thanks to the several-month-long tests, we can confirm the efficiency of autonomous forklifts in everyday work in the production and warehouse hall. In the beginning, we took care of the smooth implementation process, which includes:

  • Analysis of logistics processes carried out in production and in the warehouse
  • Mapping the routes on which the wheelchair will move and their digital optimization
  • Designation of parking and charging places
  • Designation of places for picking up and putting away pallets
  • Instructions for the crew on how to work with an autonomous vehicle
  • Integration with the local wi-fi wireless communication system
  • Emergency stop tests

Two autonomous trucks take part in the tests. The vehicles are based on Crown brand structures, on which the Inovatica AGV hardware and software is implemented. As part of the test, the following are analyzed:

  • Truck performance
  • Defining the processes/tasks to be operated by the trolley
  • Maximum working time on a single charge
  • Connectivity to the local wi-fi network
  • Efficiency of security systems 

During the test period, the truck carries out all target tasks as in normal operation. It picks up pallets from the floor, rolltok or foliar and transports them to the warehouse or delivers the pallets from the warehouse to the production facility. In the absence of a current order, the trolley automatically parks in a designated place waiting for the process to resume. In the event of low battery capacity, the truck automatically drives to the battery room. It also checks the maximum capacity while the truck is in continuous operation 24/7.


Watch the video showing the Inovatica AGV autonomous forklift in operation: