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Recruitment: PROMPT EDITOR and content reviewer

We are looking for a creative and competent 💥 PROMPT EDITOR and content reviewer 💥 with technical experience, ready to cooperate with our team to expand and optimize the content on our website

🤖💼 Inovatica AGV is a Polish manufacturer of autonomous forklifts, the innovation of which requires proper presentation online. Your main task will be to create and review generative content based on LLM models (Large language model, e.g. ChatGPT), both in Polish and English, with the support of our content team.

📝💡 We offer permanent, long-term cooperation (minimum 6 months) and flexible working hours, enabling remote work. The remuneration will be settled hourly, based on a mandate contract or cooperation based on a B2B invoice.

🔍 Requirements:

  •      Experience creating and reviewing content.
  •      Interest and openness to the use of generative content.
  •      Ability to conduct research.
  •      Knowledge of the principles of content optimization for SEO.
  •      Willingness to cooperate with the substantive team and engineers.

💼 If you are interested, please fill out the form: link to the form:

We will contact you to discuss next steps.