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The TSL industry focuses on AGVs

Dziennik Rzeczpospolita looked at the available robotics solutions.

Business during COVID-19



Journalists checked whether a pandemic will affect the acceleration of robotization in the TSL industry. We learn from the article that Deloitte company already pointed to a significant increase in employee productivity thanks to automation in 2019. A similar opinion is quoted from the expert, “ The pandemic showed that digitization, remote work on a mass scale and relying more on new technologies can be effective, and often may be the only way out,” says the director of Contract Logistics Fresh Logistics Polska, Raben Group, Jarosław Gulowaty.

In the text you can find out that there are also companies that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have even accelerated automation projects to become independent from staffing problems in the future.

Warehouse automation


Experts agree that repetitive work will be automated first. The machines will be responsible for palletizing goods, conveyors, sorters and transport will be carried out by induction trucks and autonomous forklifts. Inovatica AGV specializes in the production and development of the latter. “We offer a solution that works with both new and used trucks. The product is a trolley autonomy kit consisting of hardware (laser navigation, cameras, etc.) and proprietary vehicle management software,” says Piotr Anuszczyk, marketing director of Inovatica AGV, quoted in the material.


The full text can be read in the Logistics section of the Rzeczpospolita daily: